From banging on pots and pans, playing his toy guitar, and singing joyfully as a child, to now strumming melodious tunes to audiences across the country. Julian Bell from the suburbs of Washington, D.C, is a singer-songwriter with a passion for delivering music from the heart. His music is a fusion of sounds with influences ranging from percussive pop to soul. 

Julian Bell is an optimist and realist whose reflections on life are creatively communicated through his music. His songs express the things about life and love that we often take for granted or easily overlook. Julian’s goal is to create music that people will love and enjoy listening to over the years. No longer just a visitor to Chicago, Julian can be seen playing at local stages, and local coffee shops. 

Julian earned a coveted spot on NBC’s second season of The Voice. Due to all the spots on the teams being full Julian never got to audition. Following that opportunity Julian competed and earned a finalist spot in the Open for Dave Barnes competition. While working on his debut EP, to be released this year, Julian was approached about a new show produced by Queen Latifah titled, The Next, for the CW network. Julian earned one of four spots to represent Chicago in the singing competition and got the chance to work with Joe Jonas. Julian performed "Waiting on the World to Change" by John Mayer who is one of his biggest influences in his music. Despite not making it past the first round of the show Julian has been working hard to make himself known in the Chicago area and beyond. In April 2013 Julian was featured in the top 10 in the Red Eye magazines battle of the bands competition.  

On February 5th 2013 Julian released his debut EP "Where Do I Begin" which you can find on all online music stores.

Julian was recently given the opportunity to write a song for Coca-Cola's new campaign "52 Songs of Happiness" which will be released soon.